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About Us

The R.E.S. Group offers to the maritime Industry from Brunsbüttel and Stettin since 1988.

* Shipmanagement

* Crewing

* Shipyard Services

* Chartering and Logistics

* Technical Management

* Ships Supply Service by own Trucks

* Agency at Hamburg, Brunsbuttel and Polish Coast

* Sale and Purchase


Facts and Figures of the R.E.S. Group:

-    Founded 1988 in Marne by the Strahlmann family - more than 25 years of experience

-    Commercial & Technical Management & Chartering provided out of ONE source

-    family owned / leaded company structure

-    More than 120 employees – on shore in - 3 different office locations - growing

-    More than 600 seafarers - off shore - sailing on various vessels

-    More than 50 PRIVATELY OWNED, modern vessels with a total deadweight cargo capacity

     of abt. 235.000 Tonnes and an average age of abt. 11 years

-    about 2000 sailings per Year

-    about 4.000.000 Tonnes of cargo been moved per year

-    Multipurpose single + Tweendecker from 2.000 – 8.000 Tonnes Dwat for

     all kind of dry commodities as well as breakbulk/project cargoes

-    Well educated, highly motivated and open minded Team -    Steadily growing



Our aim is to provide the Shipping Community with reliable Services combined with environmental and economical Awareness.