Actual Positions




Our Ships are transporting all kind of Drycargo commodities which need to be transported over Sea.



Traditional bulk Commodities like Coal, Wheat, and Fertilizers up to highly industrialized Project cargoes like Power Plant Modules, Dismantled Cranes, Windmill Equipment, Oil & Gas Equipment, IMO Commodities including conventional Breakbulk Cargoes like Pipes, Steel Products and Timber Products are only a small part of the daily shipments of R.E.S. Chartering GmbH.

The modern fleet of R.E.S. Chartering GmbH is designed for the wide range of multi-purposes, which means that there are nearly no restrictions for Drycargoes under and on Deck of all our Vessels.





Parcel Service:

Even small Parcels of Bulk or Breakbulk Cargoes will be transported in the most economical way due to Combining Parcels together to the right Destination. We offer weekly sailings from various destinations on different sizes of vessels.




Our professional Staff is working out complete Project solutions including stowage planning in close corporation with Captains, Supercargo, Stevedoring Companies, in order to guarantee smooth, time saving Operations in the Ports. Our Vessels are well equipped with lashing materials for the different means of Breakbulk Commodities.





COA (Contract Of Affreightments) and Time Charter:
Our Vessels are always open to all kind of proposals in regards to Time Charters and Contracts of Affreightments.

Operating Areas:
Most of our Vessels don’t know geographical Restrictions, as long as the voyage is safe! The main part of the Fleet is trading between the deepest Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. The Mediterranean, the Biscay Bay, same as North Africa, West Africa are regular Destinations for Our Vessels. From time to time, you’ll also be able to meet our Ships in the Worldwide Trade, as the vessels are well prepared for non restricted Sailing worldwide.