Actual Positions



Commercial Management:


R.E.S. Chartering GmbH is acting as Commercial Manager for Shipowners in the Drycargo Sector in Size ranging from 2.000 upto 10.000 to DWAT. With modern means of Controlling Software, we’re always able to keep the Headowner of the individual Ship updated atdnshinc about the actual financial Status.


Chartering & Operating:


R.E.S. Chartering GmbH has become one of the leading Companies in the European Short Sea Shipping Market in range of 2.000 upto 8.000 to Dwat Tonnage. With an actual Cargo Capacity of abt. 235.000 to spread at abt. 52 Ships, R.E.S. Chartering GmbH is always active with fixing Shipments in the Spot Market and can therefore offer their clients regular and just in time solutions.

Parallel to the high frequent Chartering Activities, the Operations Department of R.E.S. Chartering GmbH is taking care of the Shipments after the Bookings. The highly motivated Team of well experienced Operators is always there to provide the Customers, Captains, Port Agents, Suppliers, etc. with all information beginning from the estimated time of arrival at loadport until the completion of Discharging Operations at the port of Destination.


Sale & Purchase:


The Sale and Purchase activities of vessels are handled by the Sales & Purchase Department of R.E.S. Chartering GmbH. Not only the Vessels of the own Fleet, but also other Shipowners and Brokers are using the experience and huge network of R.E.S.


Port Agency:


Located physically close to the Port of Hamburg, Brunsbüttel and Stettin, R.E.S. Chartering is offering reliable Agency Services for all kind of Vessels at the German North Sea Coast upto the Polish Baltic Coast.